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Atmospheric Perspective

Atmospheric Perspective (also referred to as Aerial Perspective) is an effective way to show depth, or distance, when drawing or painting. Colours generally blend together and become lighter, sometimes blurring together completely around the horizon. Object details are lost in the distance. This effect enhances the viewers focus on the foreground or mid-ground and is great for overall scene composition. Dust down an old hallway, a city street in a snow storm, fog in a mountain valley… these are excellent example of atmospheric perspective.

Tool: Download the Perspective Lines Setup Tool to quickly set up your scene.

Tip: In the first example above you can see that the more distant an object is the lighter the colours. This enhances the viewers perception of distance. Atmospheric Perspective Example Tip: The image below shows how you can use atmosphere and atmospheric perspective to add more realism to your outdoor scenes. Atmospheric Perspective Lanscape

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